Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Tips on accessorizing your home for spring!

Accessories pull a room together and give it a polished look and a designer touch. You can use personal treasures such as candles, photos, books, branches, shells, pillows, throws ect... I recently helped a friend accessorize her home for an upcoming event. It is a beautiful home however it needed some fresh accessories for spring.  Here is a peek.........

 Here is how the room looked before!
1) Gather all your favorite treasures. Set them on a large table so you can see them all at once. She had some great personal treasures to get us started.
2) Always use odd numbers, vary the textures, it helps to have contrast in color as well. I used white on a dark background.
3) Group candles, small treasures, such as a mirror box and a small dish on a larger tray. Also, see the contrast in the smooth modern tray and the rustic coffee table.
Of course, a pop of spring color, peach roses, to finish the table.
4) I love this grouping. I placed the coral on the glass table, great texture, and added a zebra throw for contrast and a pillow for a  pop of color! See how the pillows match the roses.
5) Stack books to create a platform for small objects. Always add some shine to your room with a mirrored surface or metal.
6) Bring in natural items such as shells or antlers. Again, I used a group of three and added a platform with books.

Here is the finished room! Isn't it warm, engaging, and it has that designer touch!

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