Friday, September 28, 2012

Words for the Weekend

I have to say that some of my favorite quotes are from Dr. Seuss. Here are a couple of words to live by...

Happy Weekend!


Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Chic White Wall Rooms

Its been awhile since I posted. Finally the kiddos are in school and settled and I am back to my projects. I am picking a new color for my living room re-Design. White walls have been something I have always wanted to try. They are an easy, inexpensive way to create a chic space. White walls can make a room look cold and stark especially here in Seattle. I want to make sure when decorating to add some warmth. This can be achieved adding texture such as a cozy throw, a soft or Sea grass rug (as above), velvet panels or pillows and warm woods. Also, adding a pop of color helps too!

Photos: Elle Decor, Home and Family.

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Luxurious Lacquered Walls

I have been starting to do some research for re-designing my living room. I want to something different with the wall that my fireplace is on.  I love anything lacquer, smooth and shiny. Lacquered walls add a glamorous touch to any room. Lacquer can be expensive and it can be tedious, however, you can get the same look with high gloss paint. I think it looks great in darker colors but it looks great in white too.( below) It can also add a mirror effect to smaller rooms. This can be a great project for those of us who want to add another layer of texture to a room.

Images: House Beatuful, Pinterest, Daun Curry