Monday, October 18, 2010

10 Tips to help you sell your home


Statistics show that staged homes cut the market time for the average property in half---USA Today

Sellers who spent $500 on home staging recovered over 343% of the cost--U.S. Department of Housing

#1. Curb Appeal- This will be the first thing that home buyers will see. Make sure to make it look clean, warm and inviting.

#2. Paint- Paint a neutral color and make it look clean and inviting.

#3. Eliminate all clutter. Leave a few choice objects.

#4. Pack away all clutter, put in storage. You are moving anyway.

#5. Furniture Placement- Place furniture so it looks inviting, not to crowded, and doesn't block windows.

#6. Leave out universal appealing accessories such as a bowl of green apples.

#7. Have your home neat and tidy every day as though it is going to be professionally photographed.

#8. No Pet smells whatsoever!!

#9. Lighting- well places lighting makes all the difference.

#10. Hire a professional home re-designer to help you. You will recoup the costs over and over!!!!

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